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About Free Central Heating in Wales.

The free central heating website is a sister site of The Green Deal Wales.

The Green Deal Wales started trading in 2010, in readiness for the Green Deal, and it is based in Hengoed, Caerphilly.

The Green Deal was the idea of the Liberal Democrats and became law in the Energy Act 2011, whilst they were a part of the coalition government with the Conservatives.

The idea was that the “Green Deal Finance Company” would lend money to homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their property. This would then be repaid through the borrowers’ electricity bills.

In reality, the Green Deal did not deliver what was promised. There was interest to be paid, and very rarely did the Green Deal loan cover the full cost of the improvement.

The Government had expected DIY companies, utility companies and the like to invest in the Green Deal Finance Company, but they never did. So, the Government kept putting money into it.

The Conservatives never wanted the Green Deal, and only agreed to it, to have the support of the Lib-Dems in the Coalition. In the following election the Conservatives had a majority, and within days of winning the election Amber Rudd effectively killed the Green Deal.

The Green Deal Wales was the first Green Deal Assessor Organisation within the “CF” postcode, and the third in Wales. The seal of approval on the right has long expired, just like the Green Deal itself.

Even so, the Green Deal Wales has continued to offer ECO measures over the past 10 years through different Governments, helping to save people money by reducing their fuel bills, reducing their Carbon Footprint by reducing their Carbon Emissions and making their home more comfortable and cosy to live in, during our long winter nights.

And ECO Grants are not repayable.

Over the last 10 years we have put thousands of  energy saving measures into all types of homes  from Ceredigion to Monmouthshire including “Free” Solar panel systems on roofs throughout South Wales with selected partners under the “Rent a roof” scheme, replacement boilers with selected partners under the “Boiler Replacement Scheme”. Throughout this time we continued to install cavity wall insulation and loft insulation.

We also became qualified PAS2030 External Wall and Loft Insulation Installers. On the right you can see our PAS2030 certificate.

Energy efficiency improvements are normally funded through grants, the rules of which are set by OFGEM, and so

Grants change when Governments change.

Does Boris have the appetite to push forward a “Green Agenda” – who knows. Time will tell.

Obviously, the massive amounts of money that the Government has borrowed to try and keep the economy of the UK afloat during Covid 19, will have a long term affect on Government spending in the future.

Will this effect ECO Grants?

It shouldn’t, because ECO Grants do not come from the Government purse. ECO grants come from our Gas and Electricity bills. We all pay a “Green Levy” in our fuel bills, approximately 6% of our gas bill and 11% of our electricity bill goes towards “Green Measures”.

So hopefully, Governments allowing, we will be able to continue to help people save money, reduce carbon emissions and do our little bit towards saving the planet.