Free Central Heating Scheme

The first time central heating scheme was given an uplift in January 2020, when the level of funding was significantly increased. This meant that far homes would qualify for a fully funded central heating system.

To have a fully paid for central heating system installed, you and your home have to qualify. You qualify if

  1. you are in receipt of a qualifying benefit or allowance, or
  2. you satisfy the criteria set under the Local Authority Flexible Funding scheme in your area.

Both of these qualifications are fully covered in their relevant pages.

How does my home qualify for a free central heating system?

Firstly, it will depend on how far your property is from a Mains Gas connection.

If your property is no more than 23 metres from a mains gas pipe we will offer you a free gas connection and a free gas central heating system.

We explained on the home page how the First Time Central Heating Scheme was funded – by selling the Carbon Emission Savings to one of the gas & electricity companies.

What are Carbon Emission Savings?

The Carbon Emission Savings is the difference between the carbon emissions from the old original heating system and the Carbon Emissions from the new central heating system.

So, Original Carbon Emissions minus New Carbon Emissions = Carbon Emission Savings = £££££’s of Grant money.

Different types of heating fuels generate different amounts of Carbon Emissions and therefore, different amounts of Grant money.

Under the First Time Central Heating scheme, the worst fuel for producing Carbon Emissions is Electricity and the best is Mains Gas. So, if we were looking at a home that was heated by electricity and was less than 23 metres from a Mains gas pipe, we would be looking at the maximum amount of Carbon Emission Savings, and therefore maximum Grant funding.

Also, a gas central heating system is relatively cheap to install compared to LPG or Oil where they would also need a tank to be installed.

If your property is more than 23 metres from a Gas main, we would calculate the amount of funding available and run through the options with you, such as LPG, Heat Pumps etc.

Other factors will also have an impact on the size of the Grant, including

  • Wall Construction
  • Detachment ( terraced, semi detached, etc)
  • Type of property (house, bungalow, etc)
  • Number of bedrooms

This is because OFGEM have “deemed” the Carbon Emission Savings for every type of property, e.g. every 3 bed semi detached house with a solid wall in the UK will get exactly the same amount of funding.

Some 3 bed semi’s are massive, whilst others are very small. Obviously, the cost of putting a central heating into the very large property will be more, but the funding will be the same for them both.

Every enquiry has to be dealt with on it’s own merits.

A couple of pre-conditions to the First Time Central Heating System.

There are a couple of pre-conditions which relate to Cavity Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation.

OFGEM argue that if they are going to authorise funding for a free central heating system to be installed, they are not going to allow all the heat in the house to leak through uninsulated cavity walls and poorly insulated lofts. So they insist that the cavity wall should be insulated and that the loft should be insulated to 270mm.

If they have already been done, then that will be picked up at the survey. If they need to be done then you will qualify for a grant to cover the full cost.

However, there are a couple of exemptions

  1. The cavity wall will be exempt from being done if a Chartered Surveyor or a Structural Engineer states that the wall is not suitable for insulating.
  2. If the loft does not have a point of entry (a hatch), then there is no requirement for a hatch to be fitted.

All the surveys are free of charge and with No Obligation.

We carryout all of the required surveys free of charge and with no obligation. These could include a loft survey, a cavity wall survey and an EPC (energy performance certificate). We also carryout the main survey that calculates the amount of funding available for the central heating.

If it involves a gas connection, we will also provide you with a voucher to cover the cost of connecting to the mains gas supply.

We always endeavour to install a Worcester Bosch condensing combi boiler. Occasionally, the numbers don’t work out and it might involve installing a different make of boiler, but you will know upfront.

Of course, before we do all of these surveys, we check that YOU qualify first.

Private Tenants and Private Landlords.

Both Private tenants and private landlords can apply for the First Time Central Heating Scheme – but there are few points to consider.

  • Both the tenant and the Landlord must agree to using the scheme.
  • The tenant must qualify for the grant, unless the landlord also lives at the property and satisfies the qualification requirements.
  • There must be an EPC on the property. Funding for the free central heating system is still available even if the property is rated F or G.
  • If cavity wall or loft insulation is required (pre-conditions), the EPC must have at least an E rating to get funding for the cavity wall and /or loft insulation. An F or G rating would prevent funding for the insulation, although this is something that we may be able to resolve.

To find out more, or to request a no obligation survey